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Network Sponsors

Our sponsors share our vision of expanding opportunity, choice, support and care for all older people.


AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that empowers people to choose how they live as they age.

Generation to Generation

Gen2Gen Summer challenges you to create meaningful moments that last a lifetime by helping at least one young person bridge gaps in learning, play, meals and jobs. Generation to Generation is a five-year campaign to mobilize 1 million people over 50 to help young people thrive, and unite all ages to create a better future. Powered by and a coalition of partner organizations.


Silvernest pairs homeowners who have extra space in their homes with long-term housemates, enabling them to stay in the homes they love, earn extra income (average of $10,000 a year) and provide affordable housing to those who need it. Our service handles all aspects of the process – matching based on compatibility, background checks, lease creation and more.

CE Partner

Our mission is to take the drudgery out of running and growing a club or association. Using the powerful technologies of the Internet, we make it as easy as possible to create, manage and sustain a strong, vibrant club, one that people join because it's fun, because it helps them, and because it adds to their communities.

HV Partner3

We are the first Village specific website and database, born and designed with the Village needs in mind from day one. We didn't invent the movement, but we added the technology that allows to efficiently put it in practice.

GrandPad partner

GrandPad® is the smartest, simplest, and safest way to connect seniors with their loved ones so they never miss another memory.

Intutition Robotics partner

Intuition Robotics is developing social companion technology to redefine the experience between humans and machines through our cognitive AI platform and new interaction modalities. Our technology enables devices to learn users, adapt to them and make cognitive autonomous decisions that proactively engage users.

IAmFine Partner

Iamfine helps caretakers and caregivers receive daily reassurance that their loved ones are OK. Do you worry about the condition of your mom, dad, elderly relative or loved one who lives alone? You may be worrying that something may have happened since the last time you had a chance to speak with them. Iamfine provides the solution.

Cuida helps older adults stay connected, stay healthy and live happy independent lives.