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New Website Look

We have emphasized ease of use and readability
Tablet and phone friendly, too!

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Save the Date

2017 National Village Gathering
Baltimore, MD     Nov. 5-8, 2017

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What is a Village?

Learn about the movement helping
people age in place.

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2016 Match Campaign

Please help us reach our goal
by December 31, 2016

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Exciting News

Lyft ups its bet on senior market
with donations to VtV Network

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Circle Six Text

Aliquam sed libero diam. Integer sed urna sapien accumsan non ipsum ac porttitor

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Find a Village

Looking to see if there is a Village in your area?
Click here to search by City, State, or Village Name

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Village to Village Network

Village to Village Network helps communities establish and manage their own Villages.

Event Calendar

View and register for upcoming events.

Ways to Support
Village to Village Network

You can help redefine aging in your community through the Village model.

About Villages

Be sure to check out the Village Map for more info on each Village. Take a look at the new Village bios and stats. If you need to update your info, email us for instructions.


We hope you like our fresh new website layout!

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