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Village to Village Network needs your support to continue growing the Village Movement.

2017 Giving Campaign - Fill the Gap, Grow the Movement

We need your help! There are large areas of the United States and abroad that have nothing like a Village nearby. The Village Movement is the fastest-growing option to help older adults who want to age-in-place.

If you support the Village Movement and value the service and support of Village to Village Network, please consider making a donation today. Village to Village Network is the leading source of materials, information, resources and connections for developing and maintaining a Village.

A gift of $25 or more will help us "Grow the Movement!" Donate today! You can give online, by mail or by phone.

Mail to: 4818 Washington Blvd, Suite 206
St. Louis, MO 63108

Phone: (617)299-9638

Thank you to everyone who has given so far in 2017! Thanks to these donors, we are one step closer to meeting our fundraising goal and getting our match:

  • Barb Achenbaum
  • Uzma Ali
  • Martha Amador
  • Madeleine Appel
  • Ashby Village
  • Maxine Barkan
  • Rosemary Blake
  • C Grant Brooks
  • Canopy of Neighbors
  • Harold Carroll
  • Michael J Clarke
  • Raines Cohen
  • East Falls Village
  • Dick Elkin
  • Peter Engstrom
  • Dr. Finkelstein
  • Peter Fitzgerald
  • Mary Flournoy
  • Barbara Gage
  • Matt Galucia
  • Melissa Galucia
  • Karen L Garvin
  • Peggy Gervasi
  • Christin & David Gregory
  • Groton Neighbors
  • Gary Hammer
  • Fred Hapgood
  • Herrick & Elaine Jackson
  • Anita James
  • Jerry Jennings
  • Steve Lustig
  • Nina Lynch
  • Barbara Madden
  • Kendall Matthews
  • Susan McWhinney-Morse
  • Emily Miller
  • Dana Moody
  • Jaime Mowers
  • Travis Mowers
  • Mt. Vernon at Home Board of Directors
  • Jean Neely
  • Neighborhood Falmouth
  • Jane Nyce
  • Pete Olivere
  • Carol Paquette
  • Ellen Paulsen
  • Paul Ramsey
  • Lynn & Michael Reichgott
  • Penny Richichi
  • Herb Schwartz
  • Yasmin Shah
  • Joel Shapira
  • Peggy Simpson
  • Molly Singer
  • Richard Smallwood
  • Mandy Summerson
  • Dan Taylor
  • Sally Van Sickle
  • Village at Home Baltimore
  • Howard Voeks
  • Sonja Wilkin
  • Mary Ann Zimmerman