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8th National
Village Gathering

The Village Movement:
Making Your Future a Good One

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2016 NVG Presentations

All Power Point presentations from the 2016 National Village Gathering are now available.

Volunteer of the Year

2016 Volunteer of the Year Award goes to MARY FLOURNOY of East Falls Village in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mary has volunteered with East Falls for eight years, including serving on the initial informal group that worked to launch the program. She regularly volunteers more than 500 hours annually.

From left: Frank Harnden, VtV Network President; Mary Flournoy, East Falls Village; Phil Hineline, East Falls Village; Natalie Galucia, VtV Network Director

As current Co-Chair of the East Falls Village Operating Group, she serves the Village in virtually every way possible—from governance, to marketing, to direct member support—and she puts in more hours in a week than most do in a month, spending hundreds of hours annually helping to oversee and coordinate the efforts of the Village’s 10 Action Teams. She routinely works proactively, discerning well in advance things that need to be done, and often helping to initiate new projects as well as to maintain the momentum of ongoing functions. A recent example of a successful project spearheaded by this volunteer involves the resurrection of the local public elementary school library; which had been closed since 2010 due to lack of funding. Over the course of several months, she spent her own time helping to clean, organize, decorate, and create a manual check-out system. As of the Spring of 2016, the library re-opened two days a week for children in the school to browse and check books out and enjoy being read to by Village volunteers. The Library opened again in October of 2016 and is 100 percent managed by a dedicated group of East Falls Village volunteers. Mary’s leadership and hard work have contributed enormously to our success. There are several individuals whom she has assisted directly; providing rides, home cooked meals, etc. Beyond these, her efforts have impacted virtually everyone in our Village, because, thanks to her, “our trains always run on time.” We cannot recall any instance in which we have had to play catch-up out of a failure to plan ahead or anticipate some event. Characteristics that set Mary apart from other volunteers are her energy level, her attention to detail, her foresight, and above all, her generosity with her own time. Her commitment and dedication are infectious and inspiring.

Honorable mentions to our 2016 Volunteer of the Year Award Runner Ups!

Tricia Smith of Sausalito Village - Tricia has preserved and strengthened the all-volunteer status of the organization, serving, in effect, as a pro-bono executive director, overseeing expanded programs and services, recruiting and training additional volunteers, and making sure that the volunteers are recognized for their services.

Cathy Dunlap of Marin Villages - In 2013 Cathy initiated the monthly Lunch Group, making recommendations, signing up attendees, booking the restaurant, hosting as well as driving members to and from. These have remained an extremely popular program for many of our members and volunteers largely due to Cathy’s planning skills and welcoming spirit. Cathy helps members in her local village, takes members on extended rides to important medical appointments into San Francisco, and assists in neighboring villages. Cathy has helped members with their technology needs and provides our office with great feedback to enhance our volunteer experience.

Ed Elberfeld of Village Connections - Ed read about the village movement in 2009 and began monthly meetings to explore the idea of developing a village in the near south side of Columbus. He rallied neighbors to get involved and got information and models from the VtV Network. Since then, he has served as the Board President (2011-2014) and now chairs our Marketing Committee. Locally he is our number one volunteer. He devotes at least six hours a week to driving our members to medical appointments and helping with personal computer problems.

Sonja Wilkin of Clayton Valley Village - Since 2013 Sonja has tirelessly worked on the formation of Clayton Valley Village behind the scenes and out with the public by being on the Task Force since CVV started forming, by chairing the Events Committee for three years, and by talking about CVV and the village movement every where she goes.

Thank you to all our Village volunteers who were nominated this year. The Village Movement would not be possible without your help. Sherry May, Palos Verdes Peninsula Village; Kay McHorse, Capital City Village; Claudia W. Porter, Folks at Home; Dr. Lin Baylis, Community Connections at Findley Lake; Robert Callahan, Mill City Commons; Rick Termeer, Village in the Ville; Ellen Paulsen, Community Village Lawrence; Jeff Brown, Foster City Village; Lyn Trainer, Villages Northwest; Bob Alston, Arlington Neighborhood Village; Roberta Pressman, Ashby Village

Thank You

Thank you to everyone for joining us in Columbus and taking time to evaluate your experience. The winner of FREE REGISTRATION for the 2017 National Village Gathering is Chip Poston from MY Neighbors. Congrats!

Thank you to the generous Sponsors and Exhibitors who helped make the 2016 National Village Gathering a success.